Friday, January 16, 2009


Tattoos are the most personal form of body art. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors to suit individual preferences.

Getting a tattoo is a dare and a fashion statement rolled into one!

People both celebrities and ordinary around the world have been adorning them since 12,000 BC.

Ancient civilizations used them to classify citizens and as symbols of protection.

Although some people find it painful, but fashion victims are not deterred by the thought of needle poking into their skin. The reasons for getting a tattoo are different.

While for some it describes personality symbolically others use their designs to convey a sense of pride or to underline important factors that rule their lives, such as newborn baby, a lover or a religious belief.

You can choose a design that can be hidden under clothes for more formal events. Guys prefer their arms, neck, upper back and shoulder blades.
Tattoo Design
Girls tend to decorate ankles, upper arms and lower back. Tattoos are very personal and can be etched anywhere.

Some of the popular themes are fantasy art (skulls, fairies, and roses), lettering, tribal, nature, religious (shlokas, god images), toons and just anything you can think of.

Angelina Jolie sports a Buddhist prayer while David Bechkam etched his entire family name tattoos. Many other celebrities and youngsters love flaunting their tattoos.

Tattoos are no longer an act of rebellion, tattoos have become a fashion statement. They can look good and also give you the freedom to express yourself.

So what are you waiting for, go get your own living art!


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