Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Take Care of Your Breast

Women’s breasts have always been an object of desire and passionate discussion. There are various opinions on what’s the best breast size – big or small, but one thing is for sure: good looking breasts are the ones that are taken good care of. To take good care of your bust means to keep it firm and perky, with no sign of sagging. Gravity is the main enemy of breasts, especially big ones. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize damage caused by gravity and age. Here we offer some advice on how to take care of your bust. Stick to these simple rules and you’ll have beautiful breasts for quite a long time.

1. Keep a healthy weight.
Nothing affects the bust more than weight change. Avoid those diets that promise miraculous weight loss; it’s most likely to gain it again faster than you expect. But that’s not the worst thing about these diets. Losing weight fast make your breasts sag.

2. The most effective weapon against gravity is the right bra.
Be very careful when buying a bra. It may look gorgeous on the mannequin, but there’s no guarantee it will look good on you too. Moreover, and more important – it might not be comfortable enough. Make sure the bra you buy does a good job – to support and protect your bust. Women with larger breasts need a bra with stronger straps which can take some extra weight. Women wearing smaller sizes tend to buy padded bras, because they make their breasts look bigger. Padded bras, however, don’t allow the skin to breath, so it’s better to wear such lingerie on special occasions. An enhancer bra is a good choice for every-day wear. Also keep in mind that your bust changes with time and weight and the bras you’re used to buy, at a certain point may not work for you anymore.

3. Having a good posture is a must if you want good-looking breasts.
Standing up straight not only makes your bust look bigger and firmer, it pulls breast muscles and gives them more support. To keep these muscles in shape, you can also do specific exercise. To fix any posture problems, consult with a chiropractor and take the proper actions. This may mean to join a fitness program or start practicing the proper sport.

4. And talking about bras and exercise…
When practicing intensive activities such as running, jogging, tennis, aerobics, etc., always wear a sports bra. Without wearing proper underwear you help sagging a lot. Studies have shown that sagging is 40% less with women wearing a regular bra and 78% less with women wearing a sports one. So what’s the conclusion? The right bra is essential if you want a beautiful and firm bust.

5. Dry skin.
The breasts and the dcollet often suffer from dehydration, because women neglect these parts of the body when applying a moisturizer. The bust and the surrounding skin also need special care – apply a moisturizer regularly to preserve skin’s youth and elasticity. Remember, we fight sagging here!

6. Last but not least – health.
Examine your breasts regularly to keep track of any abnormalities. We advice you to choose a date that concurs with regular hormonal changes: ovulation, menstruation, etc, and go to check up at the same date in different months. You can also do some examinations while in the shower: raise one arm and use the other to examine the breast under the lifted arm.



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